About Us

Don and Debra CoffeenAmbassador Ministries consists of two founders, three additional board members, seven pastor around the world and many priceless volunteers.

Be it food, water, medical aid, humanitarian support, shoes, education, salvation or simply bringing the goodness of God, Ambassador Ministries has accepted the call to support the children, widows and impoverished people worldwide, who struggle daily, just to survive.

John and Sally 2At Ambassador Ministries our causes and projects are selected
with integrity and accountability at the forefront. You can be sure that the highest levels of efficiency and care, travel with each donation you give.This calling God has given Ambassador Ministries is not easy, that’s why you are so important to us. It’s not just your financial support that is needed, but just as important, is your constant prayer and encouragement as we enter areas where most people fear to go.

Vince 3On the African continent, as of the first quarter of 2015 we at Ambassador Ministries, serve and support people and places like the refugee camps in South Sudan where daily survival is contingent upon food and medical supplies, being brought in from neighboring countries, often at the risk of arrest or worse.

20140301_082933Orphanages in Sierra Leone, where the spread of Ebola runs unchecked due to the lack of media attention, medical supplies and medical personnel. On top of that, the need for clean water and ample food supplies are at a crucial stage because of the high cost of the supplies and the corruption at all levels, which cripples the ability of the orphanages to care for the children.

20140228_103641We have, in the beginning stages, an orphanage in southern Nigeria which we will soon  be working with as soon as we see a break or stabilization of the civil unrest which sits to the North. The orphanage will house up to 225 orphans with an entire program specifically designed for special needs children.


At Ambassador Ministries we don’t just focus on doing charity work for children and orphanages, but we see all aspects of life in the impoverished countries of Africa as needing the hand of God to touch them. Be it medical assistance, food or any level of life changing support, Ambassador Ministries wants to offer all it can to those who need us.IMG_0724

So please keep praying for us at Ambassador Ministries and other organizations that provide charity to children in Africa. Through your financial support and constant prayer, we may just save a generation of children. Never forget, we’re in this together, supporting crucial causes worldwide.