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Rescuing Orphans

Published in Uncategorized on 8th July 2016

We were mid-way thru a 10-day disaster relief trip, I was standing before 300 men, women and children that had either lost all they had or were homeless due to a massive typhoon leveling the tiny Island of Pillar in the Philippines. I had no idea, that on this day, I would be a part […]

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Change that Makes Real Change

Published in Charity In Africa, Global Charity, Uncategorized on 31st January 2016

My little girl had just finished watching a commercial on TV that showed the horrible condition that refugees and orphans suffer through in Africa. She was teary-eyed when she asked me, are we doing anything to help? Coming from my daughter and seeing the look on her face when she asked hit me right in […]

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What Do We Do When Disaster Strikes?

Published in Uncategorized on 23rd September 2015

What’s the most important part of Charities for Disaster Relief?   I will answer it with a story from the recent event… When I look back on the Ebola Crisis, two years ago, and its hideous method of infecting and ultimately killing its victims, I was appalled at how unprepared all of the countries in […]

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