Change that Makes Real Change

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Change that Makes Real Change

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My little girl had just finished watching a commercial on TV that showed the horrible condition that refugees and orphans suffer through in Africa. She was teary-eyed when she asked me, are we doing anything to help? Coming from my daughter and seeing the look on her face when she asked hit me right in the gut. I chose, instead of telling her no, that we should think of something to do together that could Real Change in the lives of those children.

She reminded me of the Christmas dinner we went to two months ago when her cousin came down the stairs sounding like she had bells in her pockets. It turned out that her little cousin had reached up onto her dad’s dresser and swept off his pocket change and put it all into her pockets. We of course laughed back then, but it gave my little girl an idea.

She asked me and her mom, when we get home from work, to reach into our pockets and place all of our loose change at the edge of the dresser and then just before dinner she would get one of our empty water bottles and use it as a piggy bank. The idea was fantastic and so began our campaign called “Change that Makes Real Change” doctor-and-child-Jamaica-2007

The whole family agreed to not count it for 60 days and when sixty days were up, we would gather in the living room, pour out the change onto the living room floor, separate the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies and then get our count for the kids. My little girl was jumping up and down when the last penny was counted and I shouted $ 82.23 for the kids in Africa.

I was a little teary-eyed as well, not for the amount of money, but for the compassion in my little girl’s heart for kids she doesn’t know and will probably never see face-to-face. But at that moment none of that mattered to her. Her only thought, which she said it out loud was “so, how do we get them the money?”

That’s when mom and dad stepped to save the day. We went onto the internet, looked at several organizations that work with refugees and orphans and then selected the one that seemed to touch us the strongest and had a great reputation. Of course I had to take all of the coins to the grocery store, pour it into the coin counter, give up 8% cartage fee and return with the cold hard cash. (I had to make up for the 8%, but it was well worth it.)

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When I got home from the store I wrote out a check, my wife wrote the address on an envelope. Then my little girl put the check inside, put a stamp on it and we all walked it to the mailbox. “Change that Makes Real Change” It may not seem like a lot, but the $82.23 was able to feed and care for 2 children for almost 2 months…We think that’s a lot and so does my little girl who still collects our loose change of our dresser every day.

We at Ambassador Ministries know the importance of family involvement and encourage you to put a plan of action together, to see just what you could do for those less fortunate around the world.

Never forget, we’re in this together. Supporting crucial causes worldwide.


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