Charities For Education – Part 1

Published in Global Charity on 17th August 2015
Charities For Education – Part 1

Part 1 – The dilemma we are faced with

How bad is the education dilemma in third world countries?

The old saying “knowledge is power” is not only understood to be true, but the principle of utilizing this truth is sought after by those who wish to be in power. The opposite of this saying is true as well, “keep the people uneducated and you can always control them.” Education has been and will continue to be the best tool for making people either totally dependent on you or be in a place of knowledge to become your asset.

You and I live in a time when we think that everyone has some access to education and some means of learning the simple basics of reading and writing, but nothing could be farther from the truth. I have walked through villages in Thailand and Myanmar, where almost every child you see of school age is working in fields, digging for irrigation or worse, slaves to those who have even a small amount of power in the villages.

How does a lack of education hurt children?

Though it’s true that not every child will become a doctor or a lawyer, it is also true that many that have great potential to more than just a field worker or slave laborer will never get the chance. Our society and every society, no matter its economic development, needs to have its next generation be able to become their best.

That’s where the hurt comes in. If the only children given a chance to become the best they can be inside third world countries are selected because of monetary status, then those countries have and never will achieve their potential. They will never have the greatest of minds or the character of people to truly become a nation or country of greatness.

So you know, greatness is not based on military power or appearance, but is measured by the character of its people. How we treat our needy, our uneducated and our hurting people is how we will be judged. Make no mistake, those we leave in the wake of our need for power will stand as our judges.

Look for Part 2 of the Charities for Education Series.

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