Charities for Refugee Children

Published in Global Charity on 13th July 2015
Charities for Refugee Children
South Sudan: Orphans and refugees waiting all day for food.

South Sudan: Orphans and refugees waiting all day for food.

Every Night is different:

Driven from their home, a child’s place of security into a wasteland far from their own country, because of a war started by people children don’t know against people children don’t know. All the child knows is this war is costing them and their family everything… Children are now refugees sleeping in a different place every night.

Sometimes it’s straw, sometimes it’s cardboard and sometimes its leaves. When you are a refugee child, there is only one sure thing, you never know what your bed will be made of when you try to fall asleep.

Refugee children spend days different from how most children spend their days. From the moment the children wake up until the children finally fall asleep the child’s entire existence consists of survival for just one more day. Getting anything to eat in a given day is a victory and having just a few sips of water seems like a miracle.

Children are in constant fear of adults the children don’t know, because of how they have abused the child in the last few months. When someone offers children something to eat or drink, it’s usually a trick or a way of luring you away, never to be found again.

Refugee children haven’t seen their mother or brothers and sisters for weeks. Children don’t know if they have deserted, you have been killed or taken away by slave traders. All children know is that they are alone, afraid, desperate and in need of any kind of miracle.

How common is this situation?

I am describing the typical existence of refugee children and this is happening all over the world.

Places like South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Burma Myanmar, Nepal, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and many other countries. The UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) estimates that there are 46.7 million people living in refugee conditions. Of those numbers well over half are children.

There are two kinds of catastrophes occurring around the world that are creating millions of refugee children.  They are staggering to think about and yet are ignored by the very countries that could do something about it. When most people learn of these two catastrophes that are taking place, the first question that is asked is “why isn’t someone doing something about this?”

– Genocide: The death and destruction of entire groups of people for monetary or political gain.

– Religious persecution: People being put to death, in the most barbaric ways, because they have a different faith.

Uganda childrenThe need for charities for refugee children has never been more desperate.  Thousands die daily in horrible ways from tragedies that could easily be prevented. The horrible things one man can do to another is unthinkable, when it involves children, there are no words to describe it, only a gasping of the soul as the images are tattooed onto your mind and into your heart, as a haunting reminder of the evils that men can do. So what can be done? At Ambassador Ministries, three of our international causes focus on charities for refugee children. In the countries of South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Burma Myanmar we have a network of volunteers just waiting for the chance give all they can, to help these children.


– In South Sudan, Central Africa, we have volunteers and pastors that go across the border after midnight to deliver all the food and medicine they can carry to these children.

– In Sierra Leone, West Africa, we send volunteers into city dumps where children and refugees look for food to eat. We bring them to the Mercy Orphanage where we feed and care for the children.

– In Burma/Myanmar, just North of Thailand, there are volunteers that protect the Karen children and refugees. We feed them, house them and educate them.


There is so, so much to do and at times it seems like we’re not even making a dent in the problem, but we are. We want to encourage everyone reading this article to consider what they can do, even if it is only a little bit to help refugee children, even if it seems insignificant. Believe us when we tell you, you will never be the same or have more joy in your life than when you care for one of these refugee children.


Never forget, we’re in this together.

Supporting Crucial Causes Worldwide.



God Bless You,

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    Every Night is different: Driven from their greater joy in one’s life than to Donate to Charity and then watch what you have given, change a child’s life forever. If you have ever

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