Non-Profit Organizations for Children

Published in Global Charity on 29th May 2015
Non-Profit Organizations for Children

Child sponsorHow many of us could answer the question “What makes God smile? That can be a hard question to answer for anybody. I will share a secret with you, there’s one sure way to do it, and that’s by caring for and nurturing children, especially the hurting, forgotten, orphaned and special needs children. God’s heart for the little ones never gets tired or impatient, He is long suffering, wants to Rescue them and ever so tender, those qualities He has for all children and He loves to see qualities in us as well.

So, knowing the importance of caring for children and the ability a Non-Profit Organization for Children has to improve the lives of children, it’s clear that everything that can be done to help children in need should be done. We should always be attentive to what’s going on around us, so that at any given time we can lend a hand or provide support to and for children from as close as next door to as far away as around the world.

When it comes to Non-Profit Organizations for Children and all the things they do, keep in mind that just because they help children, does not mean that their causes are small in stature or purpose. Most programs put together through Non-Profit Organizations for Children for the sake of children, do so on an ongoing basis. This means the work, no matter how big or small, must continue and be run well from the beginning of the cause until those that are receiving support are no longer children.

That level of loyalty, steadfastness, dedication and dependability, truly does put a smile on the face of God and does not go unnoticed by everyone one involved.

What does Non-Profit Organization for Children actually do for children?

The list of benefits to children from well-run organizations for children is very long and almost non-exhaustive. You see, the care, protection, mentoring of all children, requires vast undertakings at all levels. We will list a few of them so that you get a feel for the enormity of the needs.

1) Education

  1. Basic reading and writing
  2. Special Needs Children
  3. Building schools in rural areas of the world
  4. Books and supplies
  5. School clothes

2) Medical

  1. Fundraising for children in need
  2. Paying for special procedures
  3. Special medications
  4. Transplants
  5. Glasses
  6. Medical supplies, wheel chairs, braces etc.
  7. Family assistance for travel and expenses
  8. Hospitals volunteers
  9. Special research
  10. Cancer foundations
  11. Pediatric prevention

3) Hunger

  1. Feeding centers for the youth
  2. Nutritional education
  3. Food for poverty areas
  4. Child homelessness

4) Make a wish foundation

  1. Children with terminal diseases
  2. Travel expenses

An internet search for Non-Profit Organization for Children will open up page after page of worthy and well-run organizations that exist for the sake of children all over the world. You will never go wrong in wanting to be a person that gives to children’s causes, but you will still need wisdom and discernment in who and how to support these organizations. Make sure their main cause is one that fits your ideals and moral parameters

Which Non-Profit Organization for Children would be the best for me to give to?

Great question, one that will need a little time to answer. You should do your best to investigate as many organizations as possible to help educate yourself on what types of Non-Profit Organization for Children are out there and what each one does. Remember there’s a lot to select from with each of them bringing great things to the game. Whichever one seems to hit a chord on your heart or reminds you of a time or place in your life that you needed help from someone; that would be a great place to start.

You may also want to give to several organizations that you have a heart for or you want to see advance in their efforts and causes.Also, be attentive to current events around the world. There are natural disasters happening at an alarming rate and as you know it’s the youngest of the children that take the biggest hit and need the most help.

You may want to give to a Non-Profit Organization for Children that has both national and international locations so that they are always close to the need at hand and can bring the quickest relief. The expenses of shipping and the logistics of supplying needed supplies to an international disaster can easily cripple a budget and should be considered when you choose an organization to support.

So, what do I do NOW?

Child Charity 15As stated in other Ambassador Ministries blogs, we can assist you in making the best choice for you and your family. We can bring some clarity to what can be a daunting task of choosing the best Non-Profit Organization for Children. It is our goal to be there for the children.

We at Ambassador Ministries have several causes directly involving children around the world. Places like: South Sudan, Sierra Leone, The Philippines and Burma Myanmar. Our focus in these locations are:

Education, hunger, human trafficking, evangelism, orphanages, child refugees and natural disasters.

As you see, we do not cover every aspect of the needs of children around the world, but there may an organization that does have a cause that fits you better and you wish to be a part of, which is why we will offer you any assistance you may need in picking the best organization to donate to.

Please continue to be givers and providers for the needs of children all over. Even if you think you have done enough, there is usually a little more that can be done. I have never heard anyone say on their death bed, “I am so sorry for the donations I gave to those in need.”Be generous, wise and attentive and you will never go astray.

 Never forget, we’re in this together, Supporting Crucial Causes Worldwide.

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