Why donate to a Charity?

Published in Global Charity on 27th May 2015

There can be no greater joy in one’s life than to Donate to Charity and then watch what you have given, change a child’s life forever. If you have ever been part of special cause or an ongoing one, then you understand the privilege it is to be a tangible part of accomplishing a major […]

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Which Charities To Donate To?

Published in Global Charity on 16th May 2015

How do you make such an important decision? If you are reading this then you have asked yourself this question before and it’s an important one to ask. Let’s see if we can clear away the smoke from this inquiry so you can get a clear picture of how to choose Which Charity to Donate […]

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How to Get Involved in Charity Work?

Published in Global Charity on 5th May 2015

When most people think of fun and adventure, to Get Involved in Charity Work rarely makes the list. The thought of writing out a check doesn’t make you stand-up and cheer. The idea of getting up early to feed the poor, though noble, won’t make you scream and shout. Don’t worry, there is a side […]

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Charities That Help Poverty

Published in Global Charity on 3rd May 2015

Just How Bad Is Poverty In The World? Numbers don’t lie, but can and usually are ignored. Here are some facts about worldwide poverty and why Charities That Help Poverty are so important. As you go through these statistics, understand they are four years old and have been estimated to be 5%- 7% worse in […]

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Due Diligence for Child Charity Organizations.

Published in Global Charity on 24th April 2015

Can You Actually Make a Change in the Life of a Child? Who could argue with the thought of helping children everywhere? Is it truly in your power to make a difference? Yes it is…But be wise in your choices and generosity. With a little planning and research, a simple gift can do miracles. Keep […]

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Volunteer Vacations in Africa For The Time of Your Life.

Published in Global Charity on 9th April 2015

When is a vacation more than a vacation? Vacations can be a confusing thing. At times you arrive at your destination with a vacation plan that will guarantee no real rest at all, other times you end up bored out of your mind on day two, where nothing seems worth the effort.If you’re fortunate, you […]

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The Excitement of Charity Work Abroad!

Published in Global Charity on 7th April 2015

Do I have options in where I study or volunteer? Charity working internationally or abroad is a regularly neglected option to studying and working overseas, however the value of charity working abroad makes it an affordable and efficient approach to acquire college credits or being a part of an international support team. Given all of […]

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Can sponsoring a child actually change their life?

Published in Charity In Africa on 2nd April 2015

The story of Joy, what sponsoring a child can do for a family: You run to the mailbox, look inside, hoping that today is the day it comes. What can bring this kind of excitement and anticipation? A little envelope that looks like it fell from a moving car and left on the road for […]

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Why Fundraising for Charities is So Much Fun?

Published in Charity In Africa on 19th March 2015

What happens when you mix a crucial cause with fun activities, celebrity speeches, great food, great entertainment, great planning and then have it all sprinkled with a powerful call to action? You get mountains moved, communities repaired, children fed and lives changed. Yes, all the hard work has created an awesome fundraising event for Africa […]

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Why is making a donation to charity so important?

Published in Charity In Africa on 19th March 2015

Making a donation for charity in Africa the right way, at the right time and to the right organization, can not only benefit hundreds of needy children in life giving ways or stem the tide of a disaster, but can also be of huge benefit to you as well. The benefit can come via the […]

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