Rescuing Orphans

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Rescuing Orphans

We were mid-way thru a 10-day disaster relief trip, I was standing before 300 men, women and children that had either lost all they had or were homeless due to a massive typhoon leveling the tiny Island of Pillar in the Philippines. I had no idea, that on this day, I would be a part of actually rescuing a 30-minute old baby found bloody and near death in the bushes 50 yards from where I was speaking.

The nurses we had brought on our relief trip came running to me shouting how a young woman had just delivered a baby in the bushes and then left it for dead. The nurses were close enough to the scene of the birth to hear the commotion and went running toward the sounds of screaming.

Looking dead, covered in blood and laying on his side next to the placenta the infant was scooped up in the arms of our head nurse who breathed life into this brand new infant. The head nurse ran this tiny brand new life to a clinic a quarter of a mile away while the other nurse came to get me. With shortness of breath she told me what was happening and we both took off to the clinic.

Barely bigger than two small shacks, the clinic stood as a place of hope for the Island of Pillar and now was a place of life for the newest citizen of the Island. When I arrived our head nurse and a local nurse had cut the umbilical cord and were cleaning him up. I saw him for the first time and felt an instant need to protect him. I held him for a few seconds before he was wrapped up and laid in a makeshift crib.

We were allowed to name him; we named him Josiah. We told the Island elders that we would take care of him from this point on made arrangements to have him transferred to an orphanage we supported on the Island of Bohol. It took a great deal of money and persuasion to get Josiah off the Island and into the hands of the caretakers at the orphanage, but eventually Josiah made it to his new Home.

Josiah is now two and a half years old, doing fantastic in his new home and stands as just one more example of what is possible with faith in God, determined obedience and a willingness to serve. Of course, none of this would have been accomplished without the amazing financial support of people like you. When people ask you, “how is the support being used?” remember baby Josiah.

We can’t thank you enough for your selfless financial support; it means so much. At Ambassador Ministries we consider it an honor to serve the impoverished people around the world. Rescuing Orphans is just a small part of what we do. Get to know us more as we get to know you more.

Never forget we’re in this together.

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Rescuing Orphans
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