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Sierra Leone: Orphans, Widows and Medical Aid

Ambassador Ministries in Sierra Leone:

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Why what Ambassador Ministries does in Sierra Leone saves the lives of so many forgotten children. Go to any city in Sierra Leone where they have landfills or city dumps and you will see a tragedy right before your eyes. Hundreds of orphans in every city are living in dumps and landfills. They build shelters as best they can and rummage for food by digging through the garbage of the poor. Many head into the cities during the day to do whatever they can to survive another day.  We partner with local Pastors to deliver these children, some as young as three, and give them a home. Larger facilities need to be constructed as well as an ever growing need for food and humanitarian supplies

When considering charity for children in Africa, consider Sierra Leone. Become “The Rescue” for so many children.

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The Guardian Newspaper reported on the collapse of healthcare in the West African country, Sierra Leone. They Stated, “too many people are dying in Sierra Leone and it is not from the Ebola crisis but as a result of the response to Ebola.” In addition they stated,  Ebola has killed at least 3,900 people in Sierra Leone so far. The Ebola crisis has critically damaged the ability of the country’s limited healthcare system to be able to deal with  anything else and that includes the soaring diseases of HIV and tuberculosis.

More people are believed to have died from malaria than from Ebola. During this same time, the deaths of mothers and babies in childbirth are believed to have significantly risen.

In an effort to respond to the Ebola crisis, health and medical staff have been drawn away from their clinics. As a result, the population has lost confidence in their health centers and hospitals and the attendance at clinics has plummeted by more than 70%.

There was chronic under-funding and resources in all health centers throughout Sierra Leone even before the Ebola crisis hit last year.

The shocking picture of a hospital in Moyamba and many of the health centers being powered only by an old diesel generator that could only be used a few hours a day, there being no resuscitation equipment, x-ray, ultrasound machines and only 1 oxygen concentrator. Also, there were no incubators or equipment to provide care for newborns and most premature babies were lost.

This grim picture is why your financial support is not only crucial for the thousand of orphans living in dumps, but also for the victims of Ebola and their surviving families. You may not know this, but most of the country is suffering from other major diseases, water shortages and polluted wells. With food shortages, the scarcity of drinking water and a larger than normal amount of orphans throughout the country, your pledge to support Sierra Leone could never be more needed.

One of the crucial needs in Sierra Leone is water filters. We have several companies and brands we use. All of them are great, but not all of them are always available. We use the type that attaches to a 5 gallon bucket and can be back-flushed for cleaning.

Located north of the Liberian border, just inside of Sierra Leone sits an orphanage called Mercy Home. Mercy Home is one of the few safe havens for the orphans and the widows in Southern Sierra Leone. The Mercy Home Orphanage, founded by an amazing young man named Ozioma Enyinnah (Gospel), has been place of safety, food and shelter for 28 of its own orphans and up to as many as 250 children that endure hardships in the local villages near the orphanage. With the Ebola crisis in full swing, food, medical, water and most of the basic needs are exhausted.

Sierra Leone, still trying to recover from a 12 year Civil War, has very little to offer its own people and is hoping for a miracle. With nationwide looting and an army laced with corruption food has tripled in cost. The needs for Mercy Home is at a critical phase in its existence.

The Pastor of Mercy home and his staff are stretched to their limits trying to meet all the needs. So far Mercy Home has not been hit by Ebola, but how long they can stay in the clear is unknown. Mercy Home needs you and I like never before. Volunteering opportunities in Africa and making a donation to charities in Africa is so, so needed. You can be a huge support for their safety and well-being by giving like their lives matter; and they truly do.

Food, clean water, clothes for the orphans and medical supplies in addition to all the prayers you can muster is a great start towards their survival. We must make their survival as a mission to fulfill, we must not fail.

Our goal in supporting our orphanage in Sierra Leone with food, clean water and medical aid is $2,000 per month. Remember, we’re in this together. Supporting crucial causes worldwide.

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