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Ki Ling Part 2 of 4

The Mystery of Ki Ling Part 2 of 4

Newsletter July, 2015

Our first obstacle to crossing the rice paddies was a large bull at the entrance to the narrow path. Dirty brown in color, mucus hanging from both nostrils, mud all over his legs, this bull was just standing there snorting and blocking our way to where we needed to start our crossing through the rice patties. Fortunately for us, he turned out to be the world’s laziest bull.

Our First Obstacle

Our First Obstacle

This bull, with a crazy look in his eyes, was shifting his weight from side to side, grunting, bellowing and barely able to hold his head still. He almost seemed drugged. I took a deep breath and like a cat, stalked my way closer, though I was a little nervous, slowly and quietly I was able to sneak around him until I was four feet in front of him right where the rice paddies path began. I then gave my two students the OK sign and waved to them to come ahead and join me. They looked at each other, then back at me. They didn’t look too pleased, but went ahead and followed me onto the rice patty path. Here we go…

Taking the elevated path was a good choice, walking through the mud would have been a disaster. This choice also allowed my mind to gravitate to prayer. Instead of fully focusing on balance, foot placement or fear of falling in, I found myself praying, not just to myself, but audibly praying. The students behind me were doing the same. Realizing that it was God who pulled us into this mission, got me filled with excitement and anticipation instead of nervous uncertainty. I now had a sense of urgency to get to the other side.

When we finally got to the other side, a miracle in itself, we saw over to the far right, a small group of needy looking people. There was four of them huddled in front of the last hut on the right. They appeared to be waiting for us to arrive; I figured they were the welcoming committee.

They were all thin and elderly. Two of the four stood out from the others mostly because of the looks on their faces. The first one, the eldest of the four, had on a light blue blouse which matched her silver colored hair. She had an ear to ear grin which revealed her only two teeth. The other woman, wearing an old stained T-shirt that carried a faded logo of “Old Navy” on it, had a more cautious look, and managed only a half-heated fake smile. All four of the women were without shoes and looked like they had needed new clothes for a long time.

The Ki Ling Troops

The Ki Ling Troops

It was clear, based on the size and condition of the huts, these people were not the owners of the rice paddies, but merely the workers, old and young were enslaved to five acres of muddy water that produces just enough during the year for them to earn a meager living. They were poor, but seemed to be content.

I waved in their direction, but they didn’t move or say a word to us. We must have been quite a sight for them. A 50 year old American crossing through the rice patties with two students in tow.
A second wave and a shout of “Magandáng Umaga.” Good Morning in Tagalog, the local language, got the same non-response. The students told me I said it kind of right and that they should have got it.

I focused my attention straight ahead of us where a young couple in their twenties with a scrawny pig tide to a post in the front yard and a three year old little boy beside them, calling us over to talk with them. The first thing I noticed about the young woman was the huge lump on the right collar bone area; remnants of a compound fracture from not too long ago. I looked at her face, and though she tried, she couldn’t hide that she was in great pain.

I asked through one of the students, if I could pray for her and place my hand on her shoulder as I did. Her husband started nodding his head up and down. It was a powerful moment when I put my hand on the shoulder. I felt a quiet prayer leaving my lips and as this prayer was entering the throne room of God, I suddenly knew why God had called us to cross over these rice patties. What God placed on my heart, while I was praying, was crystal clear to me. It was as if God spoke out loud to me.

The Couple's Child

The Couple’s Child

Here is what God placed on my heart in a split second of time:

1. Miracles will be done today
2. Lives would be transformed today
3. Forgiveness would poured out today
4. Christ will be delivering this entire village today
5. One of the people I will pray for today will be the key to all of this

To these villagers, on this day, for such a time as this. God would be making His presence known as signs and wonders will follow. I didn’t know it at the time, buy it will be a tiny 92 year old woman named Ki Ling that would be at the center of all this.

As all of these thoughts were still on my heart and in the midst of me still praying for this young woman, a young man about 30 years old, wearing Levis, an old green shirt and no shoes, came running over to us with a look of panic on his face and a tone of desperation in his voice. The moment I looked into his eyes I thought to myself, Lord am I ready for this?

Stay Tuned for “The Mystery of Ki Ling” Part 3 of 4

 Ki Ling

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