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Ki Ling Part 3 of 4

The Mystery of Ki Ling Part 3 of 4

binan-philippines-boatThough distracted by the young man running towards us, I made sure to finish praying for the young woman with what appeared to be a broken collar bone. As I lifted my eyes, I saw that the young mother and her family still had their heads bowed and eyes closed.

The family’s joy began when I said “In Jesus name I pray, Amen.” The woman began to tear up as she told the two students with me that most of the pain was gone. She reached out to her children and embraced them; I didn’t speak their language, but when I gazed at her, I saw a new woman, a woman no longer under the bondage of pain.

It was then that I turned toward the young man that had run toward us and asked through the two students, what was so urgent? The students went on to explain that his grandmother has been out of her mind for several months and that no one knows what to do. She is completely blind and deaf. She curls up in a ball and beats on the floor until she falls asleep. They said this cycle takes place 3-4 times a day.

131112135200-philippines-man-crying-horizontal-galleryI asked, “What does he want me to do?” He wants you to heal her…”Oh boy,” I said just under my breath, “OK,” I said with reservation, “let’s go.” I was not expecting this and was immediately hit by a wave of fear and doubt.

“Who am I?” I asked myself, “What if she doesn’t get healed? What if everyone from all the surrounding villages hears how an American came in the name of Jesus to bring hope, healing and salvation, and then nothing happens?”

Within 30 seconds at a medium trot we reached the hut where the young man, his two little girls and his grandmother lived. It looked to be 20 feet by 25 feet in size, with a thatched roof. It was set back 40-50 feet from the other huts, tucked right up against what looked like a property line made out of a barbed wire fencing.

On the left side of their hut, about ten feet from the structure, a fire was still burning. In most third world countries, they burn their trash. With my eyes burning a little from the smoke of the fire, I moved forward toward the sheet of plywood that was used as their front door, I slid it over to the right and stepped inside.

Ki Ling Hut

Ki Ling Hut

There she was, sitting on her haunches, in the middle of the room, curled up tight in a small ball about two feet high, and beating her hands on the floor. “what’s her name?” I asked. “Ki Ling.” “how long has she been like this?” “almost four months.” “How old is she?” “92.” “Can she see or hear anything?” With sadness in his voice he said ,“not for a long time.”

I asked the two students to get on their knees next to her and had each of them place a hand on her shoulder. One on the left and one on the right. When they touched her, she jerked in fear, but then got back to beating the floor. I then took out a small bottle of anointing oil. It had the aroma of frankincense, a very beautiful scent when it is put on warm skin.

I put a small amount of oil, about six drops, in my left hand and rubbed both my hands together. I then touched my lips and prayed that God would use me as a vessel to heal Ki Ling. I got on my knees right in front of her and placed my hands on each side of her face. She froze for several seconds and then continued beating the floor.



Prayer for Ki Ling

 I prayed for Ki Ling like I have never prayed before. For over five minutes I poured all I had into Ki Ling, everything I could hope for and knew to pray for was lifted up to the throne room of God and nothing happened. I was out of breath and wet with sweat.

All I knew to do was to keep on praying, so I I prayed for another two minutes, but this time, I sensed a presence of opposition and friction in the air. It was as if the two students and I were being opposed, almost as if Ki Ling was being prevented from receiving any fruit from our prayers.

That’s when God put something on my heart. It wasn’t audible, but yet I heard it in every part of my being. “You walk in My authority.” I repeated it twice out loud. “You walk in My authority,” “you walk in My authority.” Both students shouted, Amen Pastor Don, Amen. That was all I needed to hear.

I stood up, looked around the room and then with the same authority Christ gave the disciples when he saw them for the last time and which was given to us when we commit our lives to Him. I said these words

“In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to release your hold on Ki Ling. I command the powers of darkness to leave this house and never come back. Salvation has come to this home, now leave in the mighty name of Jesus.”

With those words a calm came into the room like a soft breeze coming off the ocean. There was total silence laced with anticipation. It was like when runners are in the starting blocks and there is a second or two, when they are in the ready position, just before the gun goes off.

I looked down at Ki Ling, she was still, no longer beating on the floor; she was simply motionless. As gently as I could, I placed my right hand on the left side of her face. At that very moment, she began to sing. I couldn’t tell what she was singing about, but the students did as they were both crying. The female student said, “Pastor Don, she is singing about the angels that came to comfort her and that she is surrounded by the love of God.” Now, I’m starting to cry…

While she was still singing, she slowly stood to her feet, reached up to place her hands on my face, and with crystal clear eyes, looked at me. Then, she pulled me down just a little so she could kiss the left side of my face.

With the students crying and the two grandchildren jumping up and down, I said her name out loud. “Ki Ling? Ki Ling?” She slowly nodded her head, then embraced me like I was a long lost son who had come back from the war.

Stay Tuned for “The Mystery of Ki Ling” Part 4 of 4

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Ki Ling

Ki Ling

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