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Ki Ling Part 4 of 4

The Mystery of Ki Ling Part 4 of 4


E8Gt7m4With a buzz of excitement still in the air I asked the two students to get some information about the family so one of our local pastors could get a hold of them later. One of the more important things done during our mission trips is following up with the people we meet when we go from village to village. It’s important that they know we truly care about them.

It was a humbling time we spent in their home. Being used by God in this way was far beyond anything we deserved to be a part of, and yet God was pleased to use all three of us in this miracle. We were simply being obedient to what God placed on our hearts to do and God did the rest.

I spent the next 15 minutes explaining to the family what had just happened in their home. We prayed with all of them and I told them that “God has brought salvation and healing to Ki Ling and their whole family. When we prayed together and as they asked Christ into their hearts with sincerity, at that moment they were saved and sealed in Him.”

What was amazing was how Ki Ling never stopped singing. From the students I learned she was signing a soft gentle

song about how much God loved her. We became quiet and still for a moment so we could hear Ki Ling sing and were blessed with the presence of God that seemed to fill her song.

Ki Ling CrusadeAs we left Ki Ling’s home we saw that most of the people in her village, (about 30) had come out and were standing 30-40 feet away from Ki Ling’s front door. The students asked them why they had gathered. They told the students that they could hear Ki Ling singing and wanted to know what was happening in her home.

As I began to tell them how God had healed Ki Ling and how salvation was brought to her home, I was interrupted by three motor scooters racing up to us from a side trail next to Ki Ling’s Home. “Are you Pastor Don?” they asked. Yes, I am. “We need to go, the rest of the team is waiting for you. We need to get going to prepare the crusade for tonight.”

Before we jumped onto the scooters I turned and told the people of the village, through the students, “to please come to the crusade we were putting on later that night in the town recreation area. It will be at 5:00 pm, invite your family and friends.” With that said, we jumped on the back of the smallest scooters known to man and raced back to the waiting bus.

On the hour long bus ride back to our compound the students told everyone what had happened with Ki Ling, the rice paddy, the lazy bull, the lady with the broken collar bone and how God went big in such a tiny village. I was sitting in my seat feeling a little overwhelmed. Wow, was all I could think of saying to myself. As long as I live I will never forget Ki Ling’s smile as she looked up at me.

It was a great ride back. The faces of everyone on our team was that of pure excitement. We all knew that the crusade we were getting ready to put on would be a huge event. Even though it was a thirty minute walk for Ki Ling’s village, we were hoping all of Ki Ling’s village would be there.Baby Raising Arm

We arrived back to the compound around 12:00 noon. We had a quick lunch, a one hour nap, a cold shower, (they didn’t have water heaters), got dressed and headed back to the little town where Ki Ling lived.

We arrived at the recreation area, which was a covered concrete slab about 80’ X 160 ‘ We set up chairs, a registration area, put the sound equipment on the stage area and prepared all we could for the people to arrive. One by one, family by family they came, starting at 4:00 PM, babies, toddlers, sisters, brothers, at least 10 dogs that I could count, parents, grandparents and even great grandparents, all came out to the crusade. By 4:45 PM, 15 minutes before the crusade was scheduled to start, we were completely full.

For an hour and a half we played praise songs, gave testimonies, shared the gospel and then gave an invitation for those that wanted to ask Christ to come into their hearts and be their Lord and Savior to come forward to the altar where we would lead them in prayer.

As the band was playing they began to come up, just a few at first, then a larger group came forward, then another group came up and then just as we were about to lead them all in a prayer to receive Christ, what the two students and I had been praying for happened, a group of 30 people came forward; it was the people of Ki Ling’s village; one of the men I recognized from the village look toward me and smiled.

It seems the whole village came out to learn about the God that healed Ki Ling. The God that put a song in her heart

Ki Ling

Ki Ling

and on her lips. That day, the God of hope, healing and salvation arrived in a tiny village on the far side of a huge rice paddy and never left. The God that healed Ki Ling was now their God too.

The Mystery of Ki Ling and her entire village will be forever part of the culture of that little town on the Island of Mindanao, in the Republic of the Philippines and embedded deeply in the kingdom of heaven forever.

I may never see Ki Ling or her village again on this side of heaven, but I know on the day my Lord says to me “It’s time to come home, well done good and faithful servant,” I will…

Numbers 6:24-26

Pastor Don Coffeen
Ambassador Ministries

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