October 2015 Newsletter - Ambassador Ministries

October 2015 Newsletter

Can a Dollar Save a Child?


untitled 4I look back at all of the many Christmas seasons when a Salvation Army volunteer would be found in front of every grocery store. It was easy to give a dollar or two after shopping; after all, it was Christmas. During the holiday season people had a tendency to be a little more generous. I was happy to give, I was thinking to myself, maybe they could buy a small toy for a needy child.

Little did I know just how far that dollar went or how much it could accomplish. Since my time on that medical mission trip, when I was privileged be a part of treating 300 patients, I now look at a dollar as having much more punch than I thought possible. Now every time I see a Salvation Army Volunteer at a grocery store I think of the small village in Northern Liberia and see the faces of those many children I was blessed to pray for, receive a small medicine bag.

Charities for medical missions isn’t limited to just the Salvation Army and their $1 medicine bag. There are many such organizations that give time and finances to the medical crisis around the world. There are some organizations dedicated to just children or just the poorest of the poor to widows or to those devastated by a natural disaster. Each of these medical mission organizations have similar heart, when it comes to helping those in need.

For myself and Ambassador Ministries our goal is simple, find the medical mission organizations that are actively serving to the fullest of their capacity and find a way to support them. It may be donations or it may be personnel; both ways of getting informed and involved is crucial to their success.

Ebola-Orphan[1]Staff from Ambassador Ministries have supported financially and personnel-wise medical situations in Liberia, Nigeria, Mexico, The Philippines, Swaziland, South Africa, Honduras, India, Thailand and Myanmar. We have participated in and provided for the healing of the hurting. Sometimes we gave a little, sometimes we gave a lot, but the important thing is to give. Give when it hurts to give and give when it’s less painful.

I could go into detail about holding a dying child or seeing the bloated belly of a baby from malnutrition or watching an infant finally succumb to a simple cough and stop breathing. You already know about these things, you’ve already wept because of their helplessness. So knowing these thing are happening all over the world, what must we do?

The important part for you in the support of charities for medical missions is to help us be prepared, help us buy in bulk, ship in bulk and serve in bulk. None of us know when or how a disaster will hit or what diseases or epidemic will target a portion of our society, but one thing is for sure…We can be ready, we can be equipped and we can be available.

Sudanese_boy[1]There is a scripture in the Bible. From Isaiah 6:8 we read: “And I heard the voice of the Lord,  saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”

You may not be able to go, but there are those who have said “YES, send me.”
Won’t you help supply and send them? Consider being a part of Ambassador Ministries.

There is so much to do to help those in need. That’s why you are so important…


Never forget, we’re in this together. Supporting crucial causes worldwide.

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