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Ambassador Ministries: Child Exploitation, Homelessness and Village Schools

Ambassador Ministries in India

On the South Eastern corner of India, along the Western coast of the Sea of Bengal is a 60 mile long stretch of small villages going 50 miles inland. In this small area of land, there are thousands and thousands of people all with two things in common; hunger and the curse of being totally forgotten.

It’s as if this area was stuck the early nineteenth century. Few cars, few medical facilities, poor sanitation, massive breakouts of diseases and a plague of child labor exploitation.

It is right here that Ambassador Ministries is partnering-up with a small organization that aims to turn things around on a permanent basis. Our goal is simple, yet massive. Establish food distribution centers in six strategic locations, find a minimum of eight nurses that can volunteer once a week, find several locations that have small buildings we could rent for schools and find 8-10 teachers for those schools.

Given these needs and the time needed to implement them, your support has never so needed.
Please consider how much you can provide and help us bring new life to this impoverished area of India.

If you wish, go to the Contact Us page to reach out to us directly with any questions.
Remember we’re all in this together.

Don Coffeen
Ambassador Ministries

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