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Uganda: Refugees, Orphans and Widows

Ambassador Ministries in Uganda:

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In Upper Uganda there is a wave of refugees pouring over the border of South Sudan hoping for just a little life, a little safety; it will be hard for either to be found. Be it religious persecution, rebels or famine all of these perils are forcing mostly women and children into the grips of despair as they find no food or water when they arrive in what may be their last bit of hope; the wilderness of Uganda.

On the North Eastern portion of Uganda, a stone’s throw from the Congo the quest for any hope begins. Going East for 40 miles are over 20 refugee camps scattered along the border.

This area used to be covered by the press when religious persecution began against the Christians of South Sudan, but that was two years ago and now the press has left as has any means of providing for the many refugees still in the wilderness and the hundred a week that are still pouring across the border.

Ambassador Ministries was asked to come in and provide a structure for food distribution, the food itself, medical aid and forms of transportation to get this all done.

Our first trip was not without its perils, We dealt with food poisoning, malaria and the constant threats from rebels and local Muslims. Had it not been for the army escorts the first trip may not have ended as well as it did. We were able to accomplish all we set out to do and more. So as humanitarian trips go, this was a huge success.

But the work is not done, there is so much more needed on a monthly basis, it seems overwhelming at times. So it is to you that we reach out to for the life-changing and life maintaining service the thousands of refugees and widows.

Given these needs and the time needed to implement them, your support has never so needed.
Please consider how much you can provide and help us bring new life to this part of Uganda.

If you wish, go to the Contact Us page to reach out to us directly with any questions.
Remember we’re all in this together.

Don Coffeen
Ambassador Ministries

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